Seacoast NH Boudoir Photo Studio | Spokesmodel Hayley

Hayley's session was done here at the Flirt Boudoir studio. She joined the Flirt Spokesmodel Team recently and is going to be a great addition. Hayley has scoliosis and I asked her to explain why she chose to have her photos taken...

"For those of you who don't know what scoliosis is, it's basically just a sideways curve of the spine. My curves are towards the bottom on my spine which sometimes causes my torso to have an odd shape. I avoided bikinis at the beach and made sure to hold my body a certain way so it wasn't too obvious. I was wicked insecure about it but as I grew up I really realized it wasn't anything I could "change" without a very serious surgery. I don't hate the way it looks anymore.
Doing a boudoir shoot and being a spokesmodel for Flirt is a great way to help embrace my body for how it is, and see beautiful pictures come out of it, and I really feel like every woman should be able to feel beautiful. Boudoir isn't just for the stereotypical "skinny girl". Boudoir is for ALL body types and doing a session with Flirt is an amazing way to do it."