What Clients Are Saying

These are a just a few of the awesome things clients have had to say about working with Flirt.



"I have always had an interest in taking different pictures , but I never thought boudoir would be my style. I was super nervous as most people would be, but going out of my comfort zone is something I love to do. It’s sexy, nerve wracking and exciting all in one session. It will make you feel on top of the world and find a different beauty inside of you. The session is easy going, fun and in no way challenging your insecurities. I felt comfortable with Kyle as he knows the best poses, angles and lighting that made me feel like a goddess. I think of it this way; anyone can get pictures in a pretty dress in a field, but not many people have the confidence to do boudoir and I think more girls should step out of their comfort zones & show the world who runs it!"



"I’ve always had self esteem issues from being picked on as a kid for being “too pale” or “too skinny.” I never thought that I could be bold enough to do something like this. Come the day of my shoot, I almost backed out. I was too afraid that I would see what new bullies would have to say. I’m so glad I didn’t! Walking in, I had no idea what to expect but Kyle made it a completely relaxing and hilarious experience. I’ve never been so comfortable around a new person. Especially for something like this! Regardless of what you think about yourself or what others think of you, I highly recommend booking a shoot. I’ve never felt more confident about myself. Kyle definitely knows what he’s doing behind the camera and I could never thank him enough for showing me that I am perfect the way I am!"



"To anyone on the fence about booking their session - just do it!!! I originally wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my fiancé as a wedding gift. As a plus size woman, never in a million years did I think I would be doing any sort of Photoshoot...never mind a boudoir in intimates!! Two days before my session Kyle reached out and asked if I had any questions and offered his help with picking outfits it was such a nice touch and I was so appreciative. As I went through the shoot Kyle made me so comfortable giving directions and helping me show off what I loved about myself. We had a few laughs and I quickly found myself letting go and feeling so confident. This experience was more than I would have ever expected and I walked out of that studio feeling like I could conquer the world - I felt like this was more of a gift to myself than anything else. Too often we pick ourselves apart, working with Kyle will help you reclaim your body and to be proud of it and who you are as a woman. There is no need to push off your shoot any longer (5lbs, longer hair, whatever your excuse), you are gorgeous where you are at."



“Exceptional. I can truly say that working with Kyle has always led to an exceptional finished product and experience. He has a keen eye and a clean aesthetic that delivers some of the most honest and blatantly flattering images I’ve ever seen of myself. I can truly say that my self confidence took a shock from seeing myself so beautifully captured — he has a knack for catching sincere moments. Quite possibly one of the most favored photographers I’ve ever worked with. If you want a quality, high end product to savor for years to come I would highly recommend his skill, talent, and effort."